Penn-Trafford Names December “Students of the Month”

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration has announced the Students of the Month for December 2022.  The students attended the December 5, 2022 School Board meeting where they were each introduced by their school’s principal and presented a certificate of achievement.


Jayden Moore, Trafford Elementary -- Jayden Moore is a 5th-grade student at Trafford Elementary School.  Mr. Dan DiNapoli principal, commended Jayden for being a kindhearted student and natural leader.  

Lydia Spina, Level Green Elementary -- Lydia Spina is a 5th-grade student at Level Green Elementary School.  Principal DiNapoli shared that Lydia is an outstanding student and mentor to others.  


Benjamin Wei, Trafford Middle -- Benjamin Wei is an 8th-grade student at Trafford Middle School.  He was introduced by Mr. Roger Sullivan, principal.  He recognized Ben for being an exceptionally strong student who shows kindness to all.  


Phelan Newman, Penn-Trafford High School -- Phelan Newman is a 12th-grader at Penn-Trafford High School.  Mr. Tony Aquilio, principal, spoke of Phelan’s passion for acting and her broadcasting classes, as well as her vibrant personality.  


students attending school board meeting

Left to right: Lydia Spina, Phelan Newman, Benjamin Wei, Jayden Moore