5th-graders Go Bowling to Celebrate D.A.R.E. Program

The fifth-graders of Penn-Trafford School District completed the D.A.R.E. substance abuse prevention program in December.  Officer Chad Meyers of the Penn Township Police, who taught the D.A.R.E. lessons, judged group posterboard projects and selected two groups from each 5th-grade class whose project best expressed what they learned and can take away from D.A.R.E.  

Meyers took all the winners bowling at Lokay Lanes in late January to celebrate.  Students who won the bowling trip were:

Harrison Park Elementary – Josie Comer, Emma Gipson, Noah Santimauro, Maren Sloan, Natalia Gunstrom, Isaac Johnson, Emma Savering, Will Weishaar, Tristian Krautz, Gianna Love, Katherine Stanton, Michael Shannon, Tyler Murphy, Brayden Fasso, Lily Petrisek, Ella Hileman, Natalie Sterner, and Haydon Fitzgerald.

Level Green Elementary – Jocelyn Dietz, Levi Mastroianni, Lorenzo Russo, Anna Szekely, Cora Whetstone, Antonio Caruso, Ethan Dubois, Miles Johnson, and May Wang.

McCullough Elementary – Curran Crenshaw, Anna Haas, Ziva Lapcevic, Blake Telenko, Gabriel Eger, Hannah Festor, Hayden Flickinger, Savannah Mull, Tressa Supancic, Gianna Pisani, Brooke Spahn, Gemma Yorio, and Eliana Zummo.

Sunrise Estates ElementaryMadelyn Galya, Addison Himes, Dustin Wendler, Ronnie Hoyman, Reese Hand, Emily Clark, Mason Durante, Mackenzie Emricko, Niomi Kearns, Maddie DelRosso, Gavin Ruzich, Ellie Panuccio, and Logan Toth.

Trafford Elementary – Anthony Caputo, Cruz Castaneda, Jack Fry, Jean Sonnik, Gracie Stultz, Hailey Corcoran, Nia DiBernardo, Drea Pecora, and Laney Rosenberry.


Harrison Park D.A.R.E. winners

Harrison Park  D.A.R.E. winners


Level Green D.A.R.E. winners

Level Green D.A.R.E. winners


McCullough D.A.R.E. winners

McCullough D.A.R.E. winners


Sunrise D.A.R.E. winners

Sunrise D.A.R.E. winners


Trafford D.A.R.E. winners

Trafford D.A.R.E. winners